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Our Story

Moore Pigs was founded in January 2012, as a small-scale, family owned farm based on the principles of sustainability and animal welfare. We are located in Madison, Florida.

The idea for the farm came to my wife and I, after deciding to focus on a natural way of living and better quality food products.

We were inspired by our visit to an old European farm--a farm where sustainability is, and always been the only way. Here we tasted the freshest, most flavorful pork we have ever had. Free of fillers, preservatives, and other artificial ingredients--we realized what pork is supposed to taste like. At Moore Pigs, we want to share this experience with you.

It has been a slow and muddy start, however the end result has been rewarding. We hope to expand our farm to other livestock, and other farm fresh products. We look forward to the farming adventure ahead and to sharing our fresh, all natural products with you!!!

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