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The Berkshire pig has been coveted for it’s exceptional taste quality for over 300 years. The breed originated in England and made its way to the United states in the 1840s. The Berkshire is the oldest recorded breed of swine in the United States. It is also one of the most popular of the heritage pig breeds. Known as “Kurobuta” in Japan, this pig is black with white legs,
and has become a favorite with chefs because of its intramuscular marbling.

Berkshire pork is vastly superior to commercial pork breeds and receives it's premium status due to its superior eating qualities.

Purebred Berkshire pigs produce chops, roasts and other pork cuts that are well marbled and consistently sweet, tender, and juicy with a creamy finish and hint of nuttiness. The marbling in the crimson piece of meat resembles something like a prime piece of beef. The fat melts through the meat making it luscious and buttery with a smooth mouth feel as it melts on the tongue.

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